Tuesday, January 28, 2014

What are my passions?

This past week has been an interesting one for me. Last Wednesday I had two interviews, one in the late morning that was supposed to be just a courtesy "come in and we'll talk" type of interview, but lasted nearly 2 hours.  The 2nd interview that afternoon was a 2nd interview with a prospective employer to discuss more details about the job.  On Thursday I had yet another interview with a company, and I don't hold promise for that one.  Also, on Thursday, I received a call from the first interview on Wednesday, and they wanted me to come in to work for a week long trial.  Finally, on Friday I had an interview with a company in Commerce, and they said they felt that I could help them grow and help them manage their production.  In all, it was a fantastic week!  I felt confident and happy as I went into the weekend.

But then, for some odd reason, I fell into what I would best describe as a "funk" on Monday.  I spent the entire day in thought, and sometimes would just walk around the yard, talking to myself, or just listening to the birds or the sound of the waterfall.  I kept thinking about what I really wanted to do.  I had three possibilities for employment, all in the printing industry, where I'd been for 30 years.   Each of them had strengths, and weaknesses.  One promised eventual good income, but was financially risky at first.  The other two offered decent compensation.  Two were close, and one was a long commute.  Two were natural progressions in a print career, and one was more of a lateral or even backwards move.  And the more and more I thought about this, I realized that truthfully, I don't want to be in printing anymore.  I found that these last two months have been many things for me: a chance to be with the kids, which is something they're not tired of yet.  It was a chance for Lorrie and I to spend more time together.  It was a time for me to sit and catch up on some good television.  It has allowed me to write more.  And finally, it has given me a break from 30 straight years of working.  

But more than that, as I walked around the yard and thought, or as I sat at my desk and mindlessly went through Facebook, I realized that not only did I not want to return to printing, but that I really wanted to do something that I would have a passion for.  I wanted to be able to carry on this life I've lived since being let go: a life of music, writing, family time - and I realized that was where my passion is.  I found myself thinking of just taking employment in something I'd enjoy doing, or working somewhere that I feel a pull towards, like the Pacific Chorale or Pacific Symphony.  I feel like even if I could swing a job anywhere in the fine arts, or offer up my services for blogging.  I even went through and looked at what money I have to see how far it would take me before getting a job became crucial.

So, maybe I should start looking to see what is out there that could use my talents and skills and work them into their culture.  Someplace that I could feel good about working for the next 10-15 years.  Maybe it'll be Disneyland.  I don't know.  But I do know that I feel this quite strongly.  I will continue to see what is open in the print industry, but I know that's not where my passion is.  My passion is in the creative....

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Just saying. Whatever you decide, you'll always be #TeamCMYK in my book, John.