Monday, January 06, 2014

Is today the beginning of the New Year?

Is it just me?  Or is this the beginning of the New Year?  OK, OK.  I know.  January 1st is New Year's Day, and here we are at January 6th.  But to me, this feels like the New Year.

Our decorations are still up.  We had our 12th Night Open House yesterday which went from noon until our last guest left close to midnight!  And today, well, today I'm going to crash.  I plan to occupy the couch in the den and maybe do a "Mad Men" marathon (thanks to Teresa Loy-Barclay for the inspiration!)  There's nothing that has to be "put away".  There's still treats from yesterday on the table in the dining room.  Open bottles of wine are around.  Trash barrells are on the street, and the house is the cleanest it's been in a while!

But there's also the realization that the "Holidays are over", and it's time for me to refocus on getting employed.  Even with the Holidays I found myself having a few job interviews sandwiched around them.  But I think it's time to start in earnest.  I find that this week I also want to spend the time and lay down my ideas for the choir I wish to form - the goals, the mission statement, the music, the singers.  I want to get that written down (since writing is the best way for me to form my thoughts and ideas).  I want to organize the music that I have and see what I'd like to do.  I want to meet with someone this week to discuss my ideas and form a gameplan.  I also want to see if I can start blogging this week for Lorrie's photography business.  And I want to write some more for my other blog that is print-related.  All this makes me feel like it's the start of the New Year.

So, Happy New Year!

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