Saturday, November 05, 2011

What would Lewis say?

Today, as I was reading my daily C.S. Lewis readings, I came across a phrase “some people believe in God, but not in a personal God.” Of course, Lewis was writing this many decades ago, long before the Jesus Movement of the ‘70’s put the phrase “personal relationship with Christ/Jesus/God” on everyone’s tongue.

But it made me wonder what Lewis would say if he were around today, with many individuals stating that they are “spiritual but not religious”? What would he say to the explosive growth of the Mormon church, and the megachurch? Or how would he address the growing voices of the Skeptics and Atheists? I confess to have not read that much of Lewis’ writings to offer up an idea, but I would like to ponder it with those who are Lewis scholars, such as my brother and some of his friends.