Friday, January 02, 2015

What? New Years Resolutions?

I was just scanning Facebook as I enjoyed my first of what will be several cups of coffee, and saw a few references (some humorous) to "New Years Resolutions".  Some of them were along the line of the "One Photo a Day" type of thing.  Some were posts from media sources about the spike in new gym memberships, and others were about the practice of making Resolutions anyway.

Years ago, when I was single, I never really made "resolutions".  To me, those are simply promises that are nearly impossible to keep.  I think sociologically that we like to set up goals for ourselves, sometimes very lofty ones, as a means to propel ourselves forward.  Achieving some of those goals or resolutions is a powerful incentive to continue, as well as a confidence builder.  However, back in those carefree days I did assign myself "projects" for the year, and I would break those down into various categories: artistic; personal; professional.  

I found that once I married, setting up and adhering to stated goals was difficult, and once I became a parent, downright impossible.  But I still do it.  One recent year, I had the lofty goal of forming my own choir, and shared it on Facebook, and asked for my online friends to hold me to it.  It didn't last long.  My friends did ask me regularly how it was going, but I found other work and personal things that distracted me, and I didn't take the proper steps to get there, so it was a failed goal.  

However, I make it a practice to set goals based on those categories I mentioned (and now I add things that I want to or need to do to our house).  Some of them are simple.  Some cost money and would take time.  I print them out and put them under the clear plastic sheet that sits on my desk, so I see them constantly.  

2014 was an interesting year for me as far as the goals I set up.  I had two on my "professional" category, one of which was to get a job (which I did), and the other was to keep up with my print-related blog (which I did).  I still have some personal goals, like calling friends and family more, or read more, that I never take off my list.  I have some artistic goals that have changed, such as doing more photography, but now doing that with a digital camera.  And of course, the tasks that need to be done on the house and around the yard.  

And as I look at these goals today, I see a few that stick out as ones that I really NEED to do, and then others that I really WANT to do.  And I hope that I can get these going and done, and come back next year and say "Wow! I got a lot done this year!"

Happy New Year!