Saturday, December 28, 2013


My good friend Melanie shared this photo of some retail establishment that already has their Valentine's set up done!  Frankly, I find this absolutely abhorrent!

I don't know if it's just me, or if there are more and more folk that are finding themselves as disgusted as I am with retailers and their push of seasonal items.  It seems that every year, Christmas decor comes out earlier and earlier.  This year it seemed to come out at the end of September!  And I know I'm not alone in noticing this either.  And as much as I've become sensitive to it, the commercialism of Christmas has been around a long time.  I was reading about the history of Christmas on Wikipedia yesterday, and even back in the 19th century, when Dickens penned "A Christmas Carol", the commercialization of Christmas, the marketing, the angle, the pitch, were evident then.  I noticed that even back in the the 50's there were comments about the buying and spending.  Maybe not as early as Labor Day, but early.  When I was Colin's age it seemed that we'd get the Sears "Wish Book" after Halloween, and not start the "season" until well after Thanksgiving.  That time seemed to be more innocent, more about the joy of Christmas, not "let's get Black Friday started at 8 PM Thanksgiving Day!".  And I think that there is a growing backlash among consumers who see this as an encroachment.  I read plenty of posts about not only Christmas coming early, but the retailers pushing the sales, the deals, the store hours.  I know I'm not alone in feeling that the giant retailers are pushing Christmas as a means of gaining the best profit that they can.

Lorrie has had a wonderful idea for years, one that I wish she could do:  a truly seasonal store, that has bathing suits and patio umbrellas in the summer months (it's odd that all the outdoor stuff at Target usually is out around Valentine's Day and is gone by 4th of July, when Back-to-School stuff goes up).  Her store would be based not on what retailers want you to buy, but what the consumer wants to buy and when!  For example, right now, it's traditionally STILL Christmas, so Lorrie would have all sorts of decorations still available.   I like that kind of thinking.  I like being able to enjoy the various sacred and secular holidays when it's actually those holidays!  And if Lorrie had a store like that, she'd also have a section of Christmas decorations up all year.

I want to enjoy Christmas, and this year, as we have always done, our decorations and lights stay up until Epiphany, which is still Christmas.  I am still watching Christmas movies.  I am still listening to Christmas music.  I am still making sure our Christmas tree stays watered and fresh.  And thankfully, I have not yet seen this garish and rude retail display that sees Christmas only as a retail season.


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