Wednesday, March 31, 2010

I just don't get it....

OK. I just don't get it. I mean years ago, Hugh Grant, who was dating the gorgeous Elizabeth Hurley, got caught getting serviced by a hooker in Hollywood. Then David Duchovney, married to Tea Leoni, checks himself into rehab for sexual addiction. Then this past fall we read about Tiger Woods messing around while married to his former Swedish bikini model wife. Now in the last few weeks it's been revealed that Jesse James, the tattooed mechanic and reality show star husband to Sandra Bullock, has been sleeping around with strippers. As the news begins to unfold, there are more "revelations" of other women who he slept around with.

While I can look at the other celebrities who've done something stupid as Hugh or Tiger did and not really care, I just look at this situation and wish to ask Jesse James "Dude! What the HELL were you thinking?!?!?" I mean - Sandra Bullock?! Sandra "All American" Bullock. Sandra "America's Sweetheart" Bullock? Sandra Bullock, who had NEVER married before, and for whom millions of men would have loved to have been her husband. Sandra Bullock, whom any guy could take home for mom's OK. I just don't get it. What an IDIOT!

Of course, we don't know that WHOLE story. Could there have been elements of Sandra's personality that may have made him seek sexual solace elsewhere? Could she have the kind of personal foibles that drive men to go have their fun with someone else? Bullock's been portrayed over the years as wholesome, so perhaps there are things about her we don't quite know. And yet, at a cursory glance, and knowing that Jesse James' ex-wife is a former porn star, you have to give Bullock the benefit of the doubt.

I do feel sorry for her. I didn't for Grant or Hurley, Woods or his wife. But I do for Bullock. She deserved better....

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