Friday, January 22, 2010

We don't need another hero....

Was listening to NPR radio this morning, and they reported on the upcoming trial of Scott Roeder in Wichita, who's accused of murdering a one Dr. George Tiller, who performed late-term abortions. This Roeder was the one who drove to Dr. Tiller's church, and shot him in the head while the doctor was performing his duties as an usher. Roeder is not remorseful for his act, and believes it is justifiable homicide to protect unborn children.

Now, I won't go into the arguments for or against abortion. But I will say that murdering someone in this fashion to protect the unborn children is NOT justifiable. We could go on and on that abortion is or is not murder, that it's a mother's choice, etc. But that is not my point in this post.

What bothered me, beyond Roeder's lack of remorse, is the fact that a ardent pro-life website, and it's webmaster/owner, consider Roeder a "hero". In my mind, that places Roeder up there with the Islamic extremists, who believe that by blowing themselves up, along with killing as many infidels as possible, they will be in Heaven, with a pack of virgins all waiting for them.

How can someone look at Roeder and claim that he's a "hero". I cannot fathom how far people can take the law, or the teachings of religious figure such as Christ or Mohammed, and twist them to justify their actions.

So, we don't need another hero, certainly one such as Roeder....

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