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The Journey Continues: The Road to Emmaus

When we think today of The Resurrection, we think of the event on that early Sunday morning 2000 years ago. We sing hymns and songs about Jesus rising from the dead. We listen to stirring sermons meant to coax us into living a life more reflective of the Easter event. And we spend time with our families, eating ham or watching the young (or those who are young at heart) gleefully search for Easter Eggs. And then we resume our lives: work, school, relationships - all continue for us after Easter. The context of that 1st Easter is vastly different. Depending on which Gospel account you read, the witnesses to the empty tomb were very few in number. But if you continue to read in the Gospels of Matthew, Luke and John, and then go on to the Book of Acts, you find that the witnesses to Jesus being ALIVE were far greater - counting in the thousands. For these thousands, the Resurrection was not seeing the empty tomb, but being in Jesus' presence: seeing the nail marks in his wrists and fe

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