Sunday, June 26, 2016

Still Dreaming

Funny, but almost exactly two years ago I wrote a blog post about dreaming. And here I am again, sitting down to write about dreaming again.  

Now, I'm not talking about dreaming that one does when we're asleep. I'm talking about the kind of dreams that really are fantasies, or desires, or wishes - the kind of dreams we have about a different or better life. Dreams about being more financially secure, or even well-off. Dreams about being other places, or even other lives. For example, I often dream of a life being more involved in choral music as a choir director. Sometimes my dreams are not totally unreachable. Those dreams might take more time or harder work. 

It seems for me that right now my dreams are about taking time away from what my current life is. I love my kids, but sometimes I yearn for a place to myself. I like my job, but I often wonder what it'd be like to be retired. I yearn to travel, both on the road and over the sea. And typical of my dreams, there's a great bit of detail. 

Dreams are a way to escape reality. Some take their dreams and do nothing with them. Some take their dreams and work hard to make them reality. For me, the dreams are simply escape. Perhaps, too, my dreams are an offshoot of something my mother had: never being satisfied with what one has. My mom was interesting in that way. I know that while we lived in Glendale, there were two occasions where my mom influenced my dad to look at and in one case, make an offer on property. In that occasion, we backed out during escrow and we were sued. I can't remember the outcome, but it didn't stop her from wanting to move again. Finally, they did move when my dad retired. But even though they liked their San Clemente home, my mom always wanted a place with an ocean view. Dad didn't go for it this time, though. 

And so I feel I have that same thing. Yes, there are things about this 1958-built house that I don't like, and I will admit I wish I was MUCH closer to work. But part of what makes me dream is that I can't do anything about following that dream. I'm stuck - and that makes me dream more. 

So, here's to dreaming, and the hope that someday it may come true....

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