Friday, September 04, 2015

Fall is coming....

Yes. Fall IS coming. Granted, it doesn't officially start for a couple of more weeks. But for me, as a photographer, I can see it coming. Because to me, the fall light is magical.

Early in the morning the light in itself is "cooler". It's at a slightly different angle than it has been during the summer. Sometimes the air is just a bit cool, or crisp, and that triggers in me the deep love of fall, the colors, the sensations, and all that goes with it. Yes, I love the fall. 

I always found that the best light for photography was during the early part of October. That's when my dad and I, and then me by myself, would take our photography trips. By late October, most of the aspen trees had shed their leaves, and everything become cold and monotone. And as I drive around these days I find myself awakening to the possibility of what the light will hold in store next month.

I do plan to do some photographic work next month, only because I feel I must. I may try to go up the 395 along the eastern Sierra, but I may just see what I can find locally. But whatever I do, light will be a part of it.

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