Saturday, June 06, 2015

A Day to Remember, even if we weren't born yet....

Recently, I wrote a post about how I thought the most important - or shall we say, necessary - war was WWII. Many may argue differently, but in my post I tried to point out what this world would have been like if we hadn't won that war.  

While many of us will look at 9/11 as a defining moment in our lives, and say we must "never forget", I feel that as important at that day was, June 6, 1944 was even MORE important. Because that was the day that the Allied Expeditionary Forces stormed the beaches of France, and began the nearly year-long effort to defeat Nazi Germany.

But now, EVERY observance of D-Day is important, because the men that survived that day, and went on to fight in Europe, and came back home, are slowly leaving us. They are assaulting another beach - death. We are losing them. And we MUST remember not just the day - but THEM.

Whenever I see an old man with a baseball cap that has "WWII Veteran", I stop and thank him. I ask him where he served and what he did. And I thank him again. Perhaps I am more attentive to these men, since my own father was of that generation, and he had friends that went to the Pacific and to Europe. And I do not wish to downplay what the veterans of Korea, Vietnam, and other conflicts do and have done. But as we lose these men, I wish to keep our sights on the task that they took on and triumphed in, with great sacrifice.

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