Saturday, May 09, 2015

The reason I sing.....

I saw a couple of posts today on Facebook, and for some reason, in my mind they were linked. One was from a choral music friend of mine about how we need to teach singing in schools again. And the other was from another Facebook friend, wishing her mom an early Mother's Day.

For me, Mother's Day these days is about Lorrie being a great mom to the kids. Her mom and dad's anniversary is this weekend, and they always go out of town. And my own mom is 91, and her dementia is so advanced that she doesn't know who I am anymore.  

And yet, when I read those two posts today, the overwhelming thought I had was that I was taught singing by my mom. She was a singer, and had sung at our church in Glendale long before she married. She was a soprano, and to hear her sing as she washed dishes, or folded laundry, or even as she did her daily devotionals, was a normal part of the life of our house. But more than that, she taught me to sing by the loving way she'd sing to me every night as a child from her mother's beat up and well-used hymnbook. I grew up listening to her soft, clear voice singing such wonderful hymns as "He Comes to the Garden Alone", or "How Great Thou Art", or "Old Rugged Cross".  While most mothers sing lullabies, she sang hymns. And because of that, I started to sing. And I HAVE been singing for over 45 years.  

So, this Mother's Day - well, I can't truly wish her a Happy Mother's Day. But I can continue that gift she gave me - singing.  

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