Sunday, March 29, 2015

What he REALLY came for.

Today is Palm Sunday, the day that Christians the world over observe and celebrate as the day Jesus entered Jerusalem in glory.  True, He was riding on a donkey, not a white stallion.  But He was praised and worshipped that day.  

But one thing I've learned over the past few years is WHY He was being worshiped, praised, glorified, and given a King's reception.  You see, the people thought He was coming to clear out the Romans, to be a political King.  These people, including his disciples, had never really "heard" the Message He was teaching - that He would be a King of a Kingdom that was yet to come, and that there would be certain things He must do first before He could claim that Kingship.  

That is why, just days later, they yelled "CRUCIFY HIM!"  They were disappointed.  They were upset.  They felt lied and cheated on.  But they really did not understand what He came for.  But that makes me wonder, today, do WE really know what He came for?  It seems today we focus so much more on making certain that others don't do what we feel they shouldn't do.  Or we spend time and energy on preaching living righteously, while not living with love or compassion for our fellow man. Granted, we don't want a militaristic messiah as the 1st century Jews wanted.  But there are those who DO seem to want a militaristic messiah, one that will clear out sinners and those who do not believe as they do.  They don't look at the homeless and feel compassion.  They see blight.  They don't think of the man in prison and see someone who is without hope.  They think of the cost to house and feed that prisoner.

More than ever, we need to remember what Jesus REALLY came for that day, two millennia ago. He came to usher in a new Kingdom, one of love and compassion.  A Kingdom without end.  Amen.

Soli Deo Gloria

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