Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The ubiquitous Holiday Family Newsletter

Last year I did a "tongue-in-cheek" family Holiday Newsletter, mainly as a commentary on the practice of many folk to give an account of their family's events.  Since both Lorrie and I are on Facebook, and post regularly, there really seems no need to do one, even if it WAS to be tongue-in-cheek.  However, I did do a legitimate one last year, so it only seems fitting to do another legitimate one THIS year!

Audrey is now 13, in 8th grade, still doing online school via the California Virtual Academy, and seems to be getting taller by the day!  She is now in Confirmation classes at our church, still sings in the youth choir as well, but is no longer taking piano lessons. She excels at annoying her two big brothers, but still loves to call me "daddy" and give me hugs.  Her favorite activities are drawing (which she does constantly), or dancing to music videos she finds on YouTube.  Our house is constantly "thumping" to the sounds of her dancing in her room.  

Colin is 14 now, in 9th grade, and like Audrey, still in online schooling.  He finished confirmation this fall, and still is active in our church as an acolyte (the young person who lights and extinguishes the candles before and after the church service), and in the youth choir.  He is quite a social bug online, with friends that he plays online games with.  He, too, is getting taller, and I'm sure that he'll eventually get to 6' or more in height!

Justin, after several months working and living in Reno, returned to us in early August, and found a job by October, working at the Los Alamitos Air Base.  He takes the bus to and from work, and likes his job and the people he works with.  We missed not having him for Christmas last year, and missed his 20th birthday as well.  He will turn 21 this coming year, so we have some celebrating to do and to catch up on!

Lorrie's photography business was still busy, although she is thinking of changing it from being a portrait photographer to more of a mentor, or instructor.  She has found great enjoyment in singing karaoke, something that I join in with her on occasion.  We had a getaway day to downtown Los Angeles to celebrate her birthday and our 15th wedding anniversary, and she was dressed to the 9's for that! 

After 3 months of unemployment I landed at a family-owned printing company in Tustin, which is half the distance I used to drive.  I sold my Toyota Tacoma and got a more "sales" type of car - a Toyota Camry.  It's interesting to still be in the printing industry, but in sales now.  But I find it exciting to go into work and think of what challenges or calls or self-promotional steps I can do.  I've had a good year for someone who'd never done sales, with a handful of very happy and loyal clients, and I feel that 2015 will be a breakout year for me.

We wish all of you a very Merry Christmas!

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