Sunday, February 09, 2014

The value of self

One thing I've been feeling as I've gone through this process of finding a job is a strong sense of self worth.

As I've gone through various interviews I've felt that there was much I could offer the companies that I was interviewing for.  It was as if I was interviewing THEM, not them interviewing me.  And as the process has continued I have come to this self-realization that I have a great deal to offer any prospective employer, and not just in printing.  There are skill sets that I have learned from the print environment that could be used in many other professions.  And so I often find myself these days thinking "I can do SO MUCH for you!"  I don't think it's vanity or arrogance.  I think it's a genuine valuation of my capabilities and what I can bring to any place I work in.  

But I also find myself not wanting to take just anything: I want to find a place where my skills can be valued, where I'd be given a chance to grow and expand, to contribute, to enhance.  It might be that one of these prospective employers might recognize that and hire me.  It could also be that I may end up alienating those who've been there, who've set up their way of doing things.  Often when you come into a company you are not taken seriously at first.  You have to earn their respect and admiration.  Yet I know what I bring to the table.  And I'm not afraid to comment or bring forth new ideas or new approaches that they may not have thought of before.

And so I have a strong sense of self worth.  I believe I'm more valuable than just a dollar figure, or a compensation package.  And, yes, maybe it's a bit arrogant to say that I can do things for a company.  But I think that it is also that self-confidence that says I'm of value, and I can make a difference.  And maybe that's what will guide me to my final decision.

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