Sunday, November 03, 2013

Time to blog again

I realized that it's been nearly 2 years since the last time I did any kind of blog post. Mostly, I will confess, it's due to being on Facebook so much, and the ease of which I've been able to share my thoughts on there. But lately, as I've had certain things go through my mind, I've realized that Facebook is not the optimum medium to share some of these thoughts. Plus, I'm now responsible for our blog content at work, as well as our social media, so writing is more comfortable for me. So, let me share why I feel it's time that I return to blogging.

The first reason to return to blogging is to express my thoughts about pursuing directing choral music.  This has been an ongoing process that has had its most intensive feelings during the last year.  However, the seed was planted back in 2007, after Lorrie and I left the choir at Immanuel Lutheran in Orange.  It was given a growth spurt 4 years ago when I saw an opening at a church in Orange for a Director of Music, and now, through my growing contacts in choral music, it is finding a voice (pun intended), and I wish to pursue it.  So, that will be one of my blog series.

The other blog series is about my dad, more directly, about the photographic trips we took together starting in 1985 and continuing almost non-stop until 1994. I had intended years ago - and had started - to write what I hoped would be a Jack Kerouac type of novella about our travels. But I have found that, since then, I have forgotten so many details that to try to make this some kind of short story, it'd be best as blog posts. My dad and I were very close towards the end of his life, but that was not always the case. These trips that we took were times of self-discovery, but more than that, they were times when he and I grew closer together as father and son, and more importantly, as friends.

So, I hope you'll read these posts, comment if you wish, and share with others.

November 2013

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