Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Out of sorts.....

You've heard that expression, haven't you? "Out of sorts". It means to be out of sync, or not in your "normal" mode. It can mean being sick, or not being in a good mood, or not being in your normal "frame of mind". For me, I feel out of sorts right now.

Usually, at this time of year, when the New Year is fast approaching, I sit and think about my "goals" for the coming year. Goals for household projects, like new paint or improvements. Goals for what I want to do with the yard, like build a pond or replace a fence. Goals for myself personally, like more reading, more time fishing, more time with Lorrie and the kids. Goals like spending more time with my camera or in musical study.

But I find that at this time I am not motivated to do that. I am not thinking of "goals" for next year. I am not planning on what I wish to do with the house, the yard, etc. I'm more in a "I don't want to plan or think" mode right now. I find that I am not wishing for a New Year, but wishing to enjoy THIS year while I still can. Perhaps it's because I often never get to all my "listed" items, so perhaps I'm not wanting to list anything so I won't "fail" at those things.

Or maybe I just am allowing myself the freedom NOT to plan, and let the New Year present itself with all its possibilities, and promises.

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