Friday, March 18, 2005

Hate being sick

Damn! I hate being sick. Worse yet is that the whole family has it too. Lorrie had a mild case of laryngitis last weekend, and this week has been fighting congestion. Justin came home yesterday feeling ill, Colin had the cold for a few days, but is doing better. And last night Audrey sounded congested, but also sounded like she had it in her lungs. We've been hearing that this particular strain of flu also has pneumonia associated with it, so we're watching her closely. Me? Well, it started 2 weeks ago, I was doing OK last week, but last weekend didn't sleep much, so it got worse. Went home from work on Wednesday, felt OK yesterday, then had another rough night last night, so I feel terrible today. I was cranky with Lorrie this morning, and can't wait for 5 PM to go home, and go to bed. The only drawback to being sick and having kids is that they don't let me rest. Not that it's intentional, but they are active, which means noisy. Hard to sleep with that combination. My brother said that this is a strain of flu which lasts 6-8 weeks, comes and goes during that time, so one day you feel fine, the next you feel like shit. Ah, well.

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