Tuesday, January 25, 2005

G'night Johnny

Like most of America, I was saddened at hearing that Johnny Carson had passed. I only watched his show for his last 2-3 years, but enjoyed them immensely. His class, wit, his slow reactions to the antics of animals or children, plus his generosity to his guests and associates are attributes that we all can strive to achieve. One anecdote about him that best sums up his class and generosity: I had a good friend who knew Jester Hairston, the old man in the sitcom "AMEN!" that starred Sherman Hemsley, and was produced by Carson's company. During the run of the series Johnny ALWAYS made sure that there was a limo for Jester at his home in South L.A., and when Jester's wife passed, Johnny made sure that Jester was taken care of. No fanfare. Just one human being watching after another. I was also touched when Johnny's son was killed in an accident back in the early 90's. The irony was that Johnny's son was a photographer as I was, and was taking photographs along the Central California coast, one of my favorite areas.

G'night Johnny. Keep God laughing, OK?